Hands-on practice in the elements
of effective teaching

Welcome to The National Effective Teaching Institute (NETI) where we have been offering courses since 1991, reaching more than 2800 participants from over 365 institutions!

NETI is led by nationally recognized facilitators

Drs. Susan Lord, Matthew Ohland, and Michael Prince

NETI workshops provide participants information and hands-on practice in the elements of effective teaching, enhance teaching skills by introducing research-based best practices, and provide participants with opportunities for networking with other faculty who share an interest in effective teaching.


NETI-1 Course Design and Student Engagement

NETI-2 Student Teams and Advanced Student Engagement

NETI-4 On Site at YOUR Location


NETI-1A Effective Course Design

NETI-1B Promoting Student Engagement

NETI-2A Forming & Managing Student Teams

NETI-2B Advanced Student Engagement

NETI-3 Teaching in an Online Environment

NETI-4 On Site (Zoom Directly to YOU)

Upcoming Events

NETI-1 Course Design and Student Engagement

Join facilitators Drs. Susan Lord, Mathew Ohland and Michael Prince will be holding NETI-1 at the University of San Diego, CA January 3-5, 2023. Participants receive instruction and hands-on practice...
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