NETI-1 Course Design and Student Engagement

The National Effective Teaching Institute (NETI) has been offering courses since 1991, reaching more than 2600 participants from over 365 different institutions. The NETI-1 Course Design and Student Engagement workshop provides a practical overview of instructional design for STEM instructors.  NETI-1 participants receive instruction and hands-on practice in the elements of effective teaching—motivating students, course planning, effective lecturing, active learning, inclusive teaching, assessment of learning, and dealing with the variety of problems that commonly arise in the life of a faculty member. The workshop provides new faculty with tips on getting their careers off to a good start while more experienced faculty are given the opportunity to explore advanced topics of their choosing. In a survey of NETI-1 alumni, participants reported that the workshop had a positive effect on both their students’ learning and their student evaluations.

The NETI-1 workshop is offered in a face-to-face format over three days. We offer the same workshop content in two parts in an online format as well: NETI-1A Effective Course Design and NETI-1B Promoting Student Engagement that, when combined, cover the content of the three-day face-to face-workshop.


Workshop Objectives

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