NETI 1 (Basic)

The basic National Effective Teaching Institute (NETI-1) is a three-day workshop given twice a year. It is intended to give the participants information and some hands-on practice in the elements of effective teaching—course planning, lecturing, active learning, assessment of learning, and dealing with a variety of problems that commonly arise in the life of a faculty member. The workshop is also intended to provide new faculty with tips on getting their careers off to a good start and experienced faculty with instructional materials and methods that they can use in faculty development and new faculty mentoring programs on their own campuses. Experienced faculty who are nominated should therefore be among the better teachers on their campuses, as opposed to teachers having problems and seeking assistance. In a major survey of NETI-1 alumni, a significant number of past participants reported that the workshop had a positive effect on both their students’ learning and their student evaluations.

Every January (for NETI-1A) and May (for NETI-1B), engineering deans are invited to nominate up to two faculty members from their campuses. Nominees should have at least one semester of teaching experience prior to attending. Nominations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis up to a maximum of 50. The deans are expected to pay their nominees’ expenses, which include travel, subsistence, and the $1,150 NETI-1 registration fee. Click to see a NETI-1 outline.

NETI-1 has been given every year since 1991, reaching 1312 participants from 244 different schools.

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NETI 1 (Basic)

August 1 @ 8:00 am - August 31 @ 5:00 pm EDT
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