Preparing for the workshop

The workshop will use the Zoom platform. A link to join the workshop will be provided by email to registered participants approximately one week before the start of the workshop, and is also sent as a calendar appointment. Participants will also receive a link to edit a google sheet to verify their name, department, and institution. This information will be shared after the workshop with all participants, who are asked to treat it respectfully. The google sheet also has a place to sign up for optional breakout groups for networking and discussion at the end of Day 1 (participants can choose “None”).

To facilitate social presence in this virtual workshop, participants are asked to prepare a slide they could use to introduce themselves to their students (see a sample intro slide) and upload it to a Dropbox folder so they can shared with other participants. This both helps participants learn about each other and get new ideas for how they might introduce themselves to their students. Participants don’t need a Dropbox account to upload their slide.

We ask participants to connect to the workshop promptly when it begins, and to remain available until at least 4:30 Eastern Time each day. In particular, the second day ends with a culminating activity that will help participants make the best use of what they have learned during the workshop. Of course, the workshop will include breaks. 

To the extent possible, we recommend that participants arrange their environment to facilitate participation in an online workshop by:

  • participating from a location where they are less likely to be disturbed or distracted
  • ensuring they have a good and stable internet connection
  • participating from a computer with multiple displays that allow them to have workshop documents open while keeping Zoom visible
  • closing documents and applications they won’t need for the workshop
  • having a particular course in mind as the focus for improvement and having any relevant course materials available.
  • keep a “Useful Workshop Ideas” document handy – electronically or on paper – whichever way they prefer for writing notes.  We want each participant to take away ideas they can use from NETI-3, and this is a good place to gather them.
  • being ready to access other materials distributed in advance – a worksheet for exercises during the portions of the workshop focusing on active learning and a template for the closing activity. 

The workshop will employ the following ground rules of communication:

  • Participants enter the workshop with their microphone muted automatically by the host, but can unmute it to talk. 
  • Participants should keep their video on if possible so that others can see them, but are encouraged to “stop” their video (find out how) if they have network problems or distractions.
  • If participants need help participating, they are encouraged to send a message to a Host or Co-Host (someone who isn’t presenting) in the Chat window (find out how). We’ll use the Chat feature in other ways as well.
  • At times, participants are placed in a breakout groups for activities. (find out how Zoom’s breakout groups work)
  • The Chat transcript will be edited and shared with participants following the workshop.
  • Within a breakout group, participants have some additional options:
    • You’ll be unmuted to talk with the others in the group.
    • You can share content on your screen (or a file) with the group (find out how)

Participants will be able to download a PDF of the NETI-3 Online notebook in advance, but because it contains copyrighted material (including some for which permission has been granted by others for us to include), this is for the participant’s personal use only. It is not necessary to print the notebook to prepare for the online workshop, but we will refer to the materials in there during the workshop so participants have a sense of how it might be useful.