NETI-1  Course Planning and Student Engagement

Preparing for the Face-to-Face workshop 


When the workshop is held at a hotel, a reservation discount may be arranged and provided after registration is received to assist in making travel arrangements. However, participants are welcome to stay elsewhere if they choose.

When the workshop is held at a university, a list of close by hotels will be provided but no block will be reserved at any particular hotel.


Lunch, and refreshment breaks are provided all workshop days. Workshop participants are on their own for breakfast and dinners. Most often participants dine with workshop colleagues at nearby restaurants.


Day 1 arrive at 8:15 am to register and pick up workshop materials.

Days 2 & 3

Workshop begins promptly at 8:30, please plan your morning accordingly.

  • Please plan to stay through the end of Day 3 of the workshop (3:00 pm); the culminating activity is an important part of the workshop.


  • Materials for a course you will be teaching (especially for a section or topics in a course that you would like to improve)
    • complete syllabus
    • learning objectives
    • sample exam
    • sample project assignments (including several homework assignments)
  • Computer
    • Outlet access is not guaranteed, bring your battery
    • Internet is sometimes unreliable, make sure you can access any materials for the workshop locally